DESIGN a business

that works for YOU.

Let the Collective for Designers show you how to put your time back on design and reach YOUR goals with a free business consulation.

Facing any of these issues?

I feel like I’m stagnating and long to grow as a designer!

I’m tired of being railroaded by clients and want to feel  appreciated!

I feel lonely designing by myself and crave inspiring community!

My time is sucked up running a business and I just want to create!

I feel overwhelmed starting my own business and need support so I’m not alone!


We believe we are better together!

We partner with designers who want to have their own design business without sacrificing community or time practicing their craft. While most designers have to choose between working at a firm with limited creative independence or working for themselves and taking on too many responsibilities. The Collective is here to help you design a business where you can thrive as a designer and an individual. We are the business consultants, systems specialists, and design community you’ve been looking for!

How we can help

Community & Collaboration

  • Imagine working alongside others, where you can brainstorm solutions with experienced designers or share your excitement when you find that perfect piece! 
  • Or having someone to turn to when you don’t know what to say to your pain in the *** client! 
  • What if you could take on bigger projects with the support of other designers that you know and trust?

Systems &

  • What if you didn’t spend countless hours writing and rewriting emails to clients, or could easily see where all your projects are in the design process? 
  • Rather than being mired in invoicing, you could lift your head to clearly grasp your profitability. 
  • Imagine a design process so smooth that your clients can’t stop bragging about their experience.

Coaching &

  • Picture where you would be in a year if you had someone in your corner helping you sharpen your design skills. 
  • Would accountability and mentoring be the catalyst you need to elevate your business? 
  • What if you were inspired to design a life and business that works for YOU?

What our designers say

I can’t say enough about the positive impact Keri and Erin have on my design process. Their support allows me to focus on what I truly love: designing and connecting with my clients. They’re both amazing communicators, and women that are great to have in your corner to push you to the next level, both personally and professionally. 

Interior Designer

I was able to get my business up and running within 30 days of joining The Collective for Designers. Not only that – but with their support I closed my biggest project to date!!

Interior Designer

It's time to unlock your creative instincts