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What started as a “what-if” during happy hour with co-workers became The Collective for Designers. From our experience working in design firms, we saw a gap in the industry – there are so many talented designers who feel stuck or unsatisfied working at a company where they lack autonomy or creative control AND so many independent creatives who are working alone, feeling stagnant, or spinning their wheels running their business rather than practicing their craft. There are support services that will provide business owners with one-time, one-size-fits-all tools, but The Collective is here to work alongside designers who want to take control of their businesses, and their lives.

Joy comes from intentionally designing a life that works for YOU.

Our Culture

with truth, authenticity, & kindness we:

contribute & receive graciously • integrate the whole-person communicate proactively value quality, always respect boundaries bring ownership celebrate wins build bridges

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Photo of co-owners Keri Hinterreiter and Erin Hildmann


 We believe we are better together – as individuals, as designers, as a community.


To provide a collaborative community for designers to reach THEIR business goals alongside other creatives and business experts.

Meet Our Team

Keri Hinterreiter

Keri is a dynamic and motivated professional with a proven record in supporting designers as they manage projects and all the logistics involved. Prior to starting the Collective she was the Director of Operations for a full service interior design firm, and is intimately familiar with all of the pieces needed to help the business and the designers thrive. She loves partnering with the design community to build up their business, strengthen their confidence, and further their success. She knows that this community has given her the courage to try something new and she’s eager to offer that support back.

Keri is known among her friends for chewing nearly a pack of bubblegum a day, for her love of people and playing tickle monster with her kids.

Erin Hildmann

Erin, aka the client whisperer, reliably distills complex information into an easily relatable message. She is a mobilizer, bringing momentum, decisiveness, and a bias for action. Prior to starting the Collective she was an Account Manager working alongside designers to support the clients and an Event Planner ensuring the projects and client experience would result in rave reviews. Her delight is when she sees a designer’s shoulders relax and eyes light up when she can come up with an easy to implement solution to a problem that the designer has been struggling with.

Erin is known among her friends for her love of dogs, weird produce, and dad jokes.

What our designers says

They’ve helped me stay focused on what I’m passionate about and good at – designing. I don’t have the best boundaries – especially when it comes to the wanting to please clients. The Collective helps me set and keep boundaries so that my clients have clear expectations and I can feel successful in what I’m delivering. It’s nice to feel like I have a team of support around me!

Interior Designer


When people visit my website they can automatically book time on my calendar and get a welcome package – without me having to email back and forth! This wouldn’t have been possible without the help I’ve gotten from The Collective to streamline the adminstrative process!

Interior Designer

Are you surrounded by inspiration, support, and growth. If not, we’re here to help.